Scalable Informatics Jackrabbit Storage Delivers "Raw, Unapolgetic Firepower"

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Scalable Informatics’ Joe Landman writes that the company’s new Jackrabbit is a 5U 108TB tightly coupled storage unit with amazing performance for spinning disk–sustained 4.1 GB/s writes and 5.2 GB/s reads for 1 TB sized files on a single machine with local disk:

This is “spinning rust.” This is not SSD/Flash. I think this just might be the fastest single spinning rust unit on the market. We are more than 2.5x faster at writes, and more than 3.5x faster on reads than the “worlds fastest” storage. Now imagine building large storage clusters out of units like this. What sort of storage bandwidth wall should you expect? For a single box, 108TB/5.1GB/s = 2.2 x 104 seconds. About 1/4 of a day. Scale up to 10 machines for 1080TB and an aggregate 51 GB/s read speed. Which gives you a constant storage bandwidth wall height.

Landman describes the tweaked out Jackrabbit as “raw, unapolgetic firepower” that is gaining traction with financial services customers. Read the Full Story.