Video: The CMOS Crisis and Continuous Computing

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In this video Microsoft’s Doug Burger presents The CMOS Crisis, the Customization Conundrum, and Continuous Computing.

Exponential trends continue until they don’t. The ongoing failure of Dennard scaling will drive enormous changes in our industry and computing ecosystem as Moore’s “Law” grinds to its inexorable end. The shift to multicore was just the proverbial canary; much greater changes lie immediately ahead, including Dark Silicon, a silicon supply glut, and forced specialization at massive scale. Despite these drastic, imminent changes in the semiconductor space, the combination of cloud computing, massive flows of new data, advanced mobile clients, and powerful new networks offers exciting new capabilities … if the hardware scaling trends permit. In this talk, I will first summarize the imminent CMOS Crisis, then describe the oxymoron of general‐purpose specialization (the Customization Conundrum), and finally describe Continuous Computing, a new paradigm for mobile computing backed by the cloud.

A tip of the hat goes to Greg Pfister for pointing us to this story.