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AMAX Showcases Accelerated Storage Technologies at SEG 2011

This week AMAX is showcasing scalable Big Data storage solutions at the SEG 2011 conference. The AMAX StorMax-X2 iSCSI clustered storage and StorMax-X3 Scale-Out NAS storage solutions are designed to service customer demand for smaller meta-data as well as large datasets used in applications like 3D seismic imaging and Reverse Time Migration.

With the appropriate equipment and the right partner, companies in the Oil & Gas industry can improve efficiency and ROI across many application areas and gain a competitive advantage,” said James Huang, Product Marketing manager at AMAX. “Our experience with integrating NVIDIA Tesla(R) GPUs and Big Data storage technologies into our HPC product families ensure that our customers are continuously deploying the most advanced solutions designed to minimize complex seismic processing cycle times and increase job throughput.”

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