NetApp Wins 55 Petabyte Lustre Storage Deployment for Sequoia Super

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Today NetApp announced that the DoE has selected the company to provide the storage foundation for its pending 20 Petaflop Sequoia supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Based on the IBM Blue Gene/Q architecture, Sequoia is expected to start shipping in 2011 and be fully deployed in 2012.

Sequoia’s supercomputing capabilities will provide LLNL with the ability to assess the accuracy of various nuclear weapons simulations. The simulations are fundamental to ensuring the viability of the nation’s nuclear weapons program without having to actively test them and also provide valuable insight into the underpinning science,” said Michel McCoy, program director of LLNL’s Advanced Simulation and Computing program. “Because of the system’s extraordinary capabilities, we need a storage infrastructure that will deliver the extreme performance, scalability, and reliability that are optimal for the taxing applications that we run.”

To match Sequoia’s massive IO capabilities, NetApp will deploy 55PB of its E-Series storage that will provide over 1TB/sec to its Lustre file system. Read the Full Story.