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Video: New Sustainability Metrics Measure Datacenter's Total Impact on the Planet


In this video, Nicolas Dube from the Green Grid describes newly established sustainability metrics for datacenters. Just as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) has become a standard for measuring power efficiency, the new metrics take into account the environmental impact of a datacenter in terms of Energy Reuse Effectiveness (ERE), Water Usage Efficiency (WUE), and Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE).

Establishing these metrics is a great step forward, but it is going to take a lot of work to get the results that let us all breathe easier. If you have interest in sustainability, I urge you to attend or send someone from your organization to the following workshops at SC11:

These workshops are hosted by the Energy Efficient High Performance Computing Working Group, They have a number of meetings and webinars scheduled on their site, and you can keep up with it all by joining their Linkedin Group.

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