Dell Lifecycle Controller Speeds Cluster Deployment

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Anil Maurya writes that the Dell Lifecycle Controller provides a simplified method for the installation or updating of drivers on a cluster with heterogeneous platforms.

Dell Lifecycle Controller (LCC) is an onboard systems management device that is a part of the iDRAC express and above on the 11th generation Dell servers. The Lifecycle Controller (LCC) includes a 1GB managed and persistent storage that embeds systems management features like driver update, firmware update, RAID configuration etc. in addition to the iDRAC features. The LCC contains a driver repository for supported Operating Systems i.e. Windows, Redhat Linux, SuSe Linux etc. Remote Systems management is further enhanced with LCC as it completely eliminates the need for any media-based tools due to the integrated persistent storage. Users can further upgrade to iDRAC Enterprise and vFlash for advanced iDRAC features.

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