EESI Workshop Live Stream Tuesday, Plus Report on Worldwide Exascale Initiatives

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The European Exascale Software Initiative (EESI) Final International Conference is going on this week in Barcelona. While presentations have not yet been posted, you can watch the Live Stream of the event starting at 8:30am Barcelona time. They’ve just wrapped Day 1, but you can check the agenda for Day 2 broadcasts.

The main objective of the EESI Final International Conference is presenting the project results to the stakeholders, scientists and policy makers containing presentations and discussions with all experts participating to the WG activities. Beyond the EESI vision and roadmap, the presentation will include societal impact of using Exascale computing, cost for using exascale computing, and cost for the society not using Exascale computing.

EESI has also posted an interesting Update of Investigation Report on Existing HPC Initiatives. Download the PDF.