Review: Oracle DTrace for Linux is Not the Real McCoy

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Adam Leventhal writes that Oracle’s beta port of DTrace for Oracle Enterprise Linux is sorely lacking.

While I’d like to give this obviously nascent port the benefit of the doubt, its current state is frankly embarrassing. It’s very clear now why Oracle wasn’t demonstrating this at OpenWorld last week: it doesn’t stand up to the mildest level of scrutiny. It’s fine that Oracle has embarked on a port of DTrace to the so-called unbreakable kernel, but this is months away from being usable. Announcing a product of this low quality and value calls into question Oracle’s credibility as a technology provider. Further, this was entirely avoidable; there were other DTrace ports to Linux that Oracle could have used as a starting point to produce something much closer to functional.

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While you may have to wait for DTrace on Linux for a while longer, Brendan Gregg has just done a post on how you can use DTrace today to speed up your Mac.