The Portland Group Adds Support for AMD’s “Bulldozer” Architecture

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Today the Portland Group announced that PGI compilers now support Advanced Vector Instructions (AVX) for both AMD and Intel x64 CPUs. With its manycore architecture, the newly launched Bulldozer “Interlagos” processors are rapidly getting traction in the HPC space and this move will keep PGI in lock-step with users seeking to maximize application performance.

PGI is the compiler-of-choice for performance critical HPC applications, science and engineering ISC applications, and research community applications on AMD Opteron processor-based systems,” said Margaret Lewis, director of Commercial Solutions and Software Strategy, AMD. “The combination of AMD’s Flex FP architecture with AVX and FMA4 together with PGI compilers will enable customers to fully exploit the power of AMD “Bulldozer” based processors.”

PGI compilers are shipped with nearly all of Cray supercomputers worldwide, and the company has already announced that some of its largest HPC customers will upgrade their existing systems to include 16-core “Interlagos” processors.

PGI compilers, with their support and optimization for both the latest AMD Interlagos CPUs and many-core GPUs, are a key component of the Cray XE6 and Cray XK6 supercomputers,” said Barry Bolding, vice president of Cray’s products division. “PGI will play a critical role in helping Cray customers maximize the performance and value of these next-generation systems including AVX-enabled AMD CPUs.”

Support for AMD’s “Bulldozer” architecture is included in all PGI products effective immediately, and is available at no charge to licensees with a current PGI’s Subscription service. Read the Full Story.