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A New Day, A New Collaboration. Learning to Play Nice in the Sandbox

By the time this issue hits the streets, we may have heard news on the rebid of the Blue Waters project. You may recall Blue Waters. It’s the program that caused a huge embarrassment for the NSF, NCSA and IBM, but is now being cleverly referred to by the spin doctors as a strategic business decision. Whatever happens with the ‘new’ Blue Waters program, the program as originally awarded ended in failure.

We discussed this in the last issue’s lead story, “The Violent Waters of HPC”. The volume of positive feedback we received was a bit overwhelming, and it was good to know we struck a chord with so many readers. Thank you all for your feedback and compliments.

When Blue Waters was announced more than four years ago, the global HPC community surged with excitement over the possibility of a 10 petaFLOPS system and what it might do for scientific computing.

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