AMD to Cut 1400 Employees to Save Costs

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I wish I had better news this morning. Randall Hand at Vizworld reports that AMD will lay off 10 percent of it’s workforce.

It’s not terribly surprising, as AMD has been having a bit of a rough patch compared to NVidia and Intel. Their CPU’s are falling short of Intel’s performance figures, and their GPU’s are falling in market-share compared to NVidia and the new Intel Sandy-Bridge. With Intel rapidly entering the GPU space and NVidia moving powerfully into the mobile space, AMD will soon have to find a new way to compete.

Approximately 1400 people were affected including about 60 percent of AMD’s marketing department and some key members of the Fusion engineering team. AMD will reportedly announce its new course, codenamed “Project WIN”on November 9th, 2011. Read the Full Story.