Benchmarking: Time for Vendors to Get a Clue

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Our favorite storage pundit, Henry Newman, writes that, when it comes to benchmarking, it’s time for vendors to get a clue and focus on what matters – scaling performance.

I learned a great deal over the past 30 years about storage and storage requirements, and my strong hope is that people who look at the HPCS Scenarios update them to do things like collect configuration information about the system and adapt them to other storage environment and requirements from the NAS market, to SMB file systems to enterprise database storage to you name the operational environment. We must change the discussion from macho GiB/sec, TiB/sec, PiB/sec, x million IOPS (you pick the metric) to a discussion of about how the hardware bottleneck was double and the system scaled at xx percent of scaling. It is hard to change an industry with decades of doing things the wrong way, but I think this is a good first up step.

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