CERN Looks to Spectra Logic's Latest Tape Tech for LHC Big Data

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Today Spectra Logic announced that CERN is evaluating the company’s latest tape library technology. As part of a test that started back in July, CERN installed T-Series tape libraries to store data copies from its Large Hadron Collider. CERN will migrate LHC data from a Spectra T380 tape library to a Spectra T-Finity, using CERN’s CASTOR hierarchical storage management.

With CERN’s vast volumes of data, we needed a solution that would provide scalability for growth while ensuring the integrity and accessibility of the data. We easily integrated Spectra’s T-Series tape libraries with our CASTOR HSM software, providing high density in a very small data center footprint,” said Vladimír Bahyl, tape service manager at CERN. “The Spectra T-Series tape library platform allows CERN to scale both hardware and software to make capacity upgrades quick, seamless and affordable as our data sets grow.”

This is great news for Spectra. Generating up to 15 Petabytes per year of raw information, the LHC sets the standard for Big Data. Read the Full Story.