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Clustered Systems Unveils 100KW, 50TFlop Rack at SC11

This week at SC11, Clustered Systems announced the availability of “revolutionary”  blade server chassis designed to support high density, HPC.

Jointly developed by a consortium of industry leaders, including Intel, Emerson Network Power, Panduit, One Stop Systems, Inc., Smart Modular, Inc. and Inforce, the new chassis establishes a standard form factor for high-performance IT blade servers and can provide 100KW of power and cooling for 80 blades distributed among five 8U chassis. Each chassis cools the servers directly via a pumped refrigerant, up to 20 kw per 8U chassis, with up to 5 fitting into a standard IT rack.

You can see the blade server chassis and get more information at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory’s Booth #303 at SC11.

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