Clustered Systems Unveils 100KW, 50TFlop Rack at SC11

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This week at SC11, Clustered Systems announced the availability of “revolutionary”  blade server chassis designed to support high density, HPC.

Jointly developed by a consortium of industry leaders, including Intel, Emerson Network Power, Panduit, One Stop Systems, Inc., Smart Modular, Inc. and Inforce, the new chassis establishes a standard form factor for high-performance IT blade servers and can provide 100KW of power and cooling for 80 blades distributed among five 8U chassis. Each chassis cools the servers directly via a pumped refrigerant, up to 20 kw per 8U chassis, with up to 5 fitting into a standard IT rack.

You can see the blade server chassis and get more information at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory’s Booth #303 at SC11.