Farber Book on Cuda Serves up Easy Teraflops

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I ran into Rob Farber from at SC11. He showed me his recently published book entitled, CUDA Application Design and Development, and while I only had a chance to take a quick look, I looks like something our readers need to know about.

The book by Rob Faber on CUDA Application Design and Development is required reading for anyone who wants to understand and efficiently program CUDA for scientific and visual programming. It provides a hands-on exposure to the details in a readable and easy to understand form. — Jack Dongarra, Innovative Computing Laboratory, EECS Department, University of Tennessee


This is a “home-movie” demonstration of the chapter 12 real-time video example from the book, “CUDA Application Design and Development”. Full source code is included in the book, and you can use this framework to create your own “kinect” like video controller, start with augmented reality, and add video feedback to your games.

Farber demonstrated this code running on a battery powered GPU at Supercomputing 2011 in the NVIDIA booth. Download the slides (PDF).