Fujitsu Cracks the 10 Petaflop Barrier

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Today Fujitsu today announced that the number one-ranked K computer has achieved a LINPACK benchmark performance of 10.51 petaflops (10.51 quadrillion floating point operations per second).

According to the latest LINPACK performance measurements, not only did the K computer excel on performance benchmarks, achieving its goal of 10 petaflops and exceeding its previous operating efficiency results, but it also demonstrated an extraordinary level of stability for one of the world’s largest-scale systems, as the overall system comprised of 88,128 CPUs ran without a single failure for 29 hours and 28 minutes.

Now in its final configuration of 864 racks, the K computer comprises a total of 88,128 interconnected CPUs. With an execution efficiency of 93.2%, this system further exceeds its first place winning performance on the 37th TOP500 list international ranking of supercomputers published in June 2011, where it scored 93.0%.

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