Podcast: The Other Side of Titan – An Interview with AMD’s Vlad Rozanovich

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In this podcast, Mike Bernhardt from The Exascale Report interviews AMD’s Director of North America Commercial Business, Vlad Rozanovich.

AMD is the king of leapfrog and a driving force in moving HPC forward. They are often dwarfed in the publicity circles, frequently being drowned out by Intel chatter, but the company needs to be heard. Their Interlagos processor has once again raised the bar and will be at the heart of the new Titan system being built by Cray.

The company recently announced staff reductions and is poised to make some new strategic plans within the next few weeks. Despite the challenging times, we have no doubt AMD will play a key role in driving the HPC community forward on the journey to exascale.

We’re pleased to bring you this interview thanks to our friends over at The Exascale Report. Download the MP3.