Special SC11 Performance: Live Sonification of SC11 Twitter Stream, Thursday, Noon PT

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At insideHPC, we are pleased to announce a special live “Big Data” musical performance at SC11.

When: Thursday, Noon PT

Where: insideHPC Booth #5410 on the 6th Floor at SC11

Who: Domenico Vicinanza from Dante

What: Sonification of Live SC11 Twitter Stream

Imagine a world of big data represented in musical notes. In this live performance, Domenico Vicinanza will turn SC11’s live twitter stream into a concert of electronic music. Using an original Java application called Sonify running on the European Grid Infrastructure using GEANT, Internet2 and Scinet, the pulse of the SC11 communiverse will come alive.”

Get involved! If you are on twitter, tweet a message with the hashtage #SC11 from 11am PT – 12 noon and it will be used to create the performance.

Listen to a sample of Big Data on Java Sonification or Download the Whitepaper (PDF).