University of Oslo to Build Big Data SMP with Numascale and IBM

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The week Numascale announced an agreement with the University of Oslo to build a prototype Big Data SMP supercomputer for large scale advanced research computation. Numascale technology enables the use of commodity servers to be aggregated into a scalable computer system that shares all processor, memory and I/O resources in a single system image.

We believe the NumaConnect technology will revolutionize the way to perform advanced computation, whether in academic research or in the industry at large. PRACE Research Infrastructure provides a perfect framework for this collaborative effort to evaluate NumaConnect and we are very proud to work with the University of Oslo, IBM and their partners in this effort,” says CEO Kare Lochsen of Numascale.

Funded by PRACE, the project will evaluate NumaConnect for future use in pan-European Research Infrastructure. As part of the pilot program, IBM will provide the server infrastructure and Gridcore will do the system integration.