Video: Overview of OrangeFS, Open Source Parallel File System for Big Data

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In this video, Clemson’s Dr. Walt Ligon provides an overview of OrangeFS, an open source file system tailor-made for Big Data.

OrangeFS is an open source parallel file system developed from PVFS. OrangeFS provides good scalability for large HPC systems and can be used with emerging data intensive workloads. Perhaps more importantly, OrangeFS is very flexible and very easy to install, use, and maintain because it is a user level file system and does not involve any changes to the Linux kernel. Results from a new whitepaper are presented as well. We finish the presentation with a brief description of new directions the OrangeFS team is beginning to develop.

What makes OrangeFS interesting to me is that it runs in User Space, not the kernel. Recorded at SC11 in Seattle.