Where's the Party At? Monday at SC11 it's the Beowulf Bash!

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There’s one party you don’t want to miss at the Supercomputing conference–the Beowulf Bash at the Seattle Aquarium, starting at 9 pm on Nov. 14.

How can we top last year’s event? Simple, just sink to a new low and go straight to the bottom. This year we are heading to the Seattle Aquarium for some time down under! This unusually upscale Beowulf event follows the proud tradition of convincing our beloved sponsors to dole out their hard-earned money so that we can have yet another classic event for the entire HPC community.

The Seattle Aquarium is an ideal location to talk with the Beowulf community. As in past years, many of the pioneers attend to say hello and meet old friends. Besides, if you don’t want to talk about exascale, cloud, big data, compilers, or bytes and bits, you can always go drink beer with the sea creatures (they don’t talk as much and are good listeners). And don’t forget to visit the Cephalopods! The usual festive food and drink will be provided by the generous sponsors.

At insideHPC, we are proud sponsors of the Beowulf Bash, so we hope to see you there after the SC11 exhibits close on Monday night! Read the Full Story or send this PDF invitation to your HPC colleagues.