Altair Fires Up HyperWorks On-Demand Cloud

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This week Altair Engineering announced it has fired up new datacenter capacity for its HyperWorks On-Demand HPC Cloud. Powered by more than 10,000 cores, the HPC Cloud can support as many as 150 large-scale engineering solver jobs running simultaneously, employing Altair’s solvers RADIOSS, OptiStruct and AcuSolve along with other tools in the HyperWorks family of simulation software.

Companies often turn to HyperWorks On-Demand because they have outgrown their internal capacity or do not have the resources internally to manage high-performance computing equipment,” said Altair Chief Information Officer Martin Nichols. “HyperWorks On-Demand provides all our HyperWorks products as a cloud service, and this data center allows us to scale up to provide much larger on-demand clusters for our customers.”

Altair describes HyperWorks On-Demand as “true HPC” for its end users, meaning that customer simulations are completed as fast as possible. Read the Full Story or check out their new Simulate to Innovate Blog.