HPC News with Snark for Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011

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The news keeps streaming in this Holiday Season, so here is the HPC News with Snark for Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011.

  • Nuclear furnace. Next Computing has launched the Nucleus GP, a small form-factor, mini-tower workstation optimized for GP-GPU computing (General-Purpose computation on Graphics Processing Units). This compact desktop supercomputer provides “dense GPU processing, as well as traditional CPU processing, memory, and high-speed storage, into the smallest package available.
  • iFortran. Absosoft’s new Pro Fortran 2012 v11.5 for Mac OS X adds AVX, expanded Fortran 2003 & 2008 support and HPC Scientific Engineering Library.
  • Exacale Report Card. A new EESI report provides a detailed cartography of Exascale R&D activities of European and international HPC vendors. The report looks at shortfalls and details which deficiencies which should be investigated and are in need of European support.
  • CAPS Lock. While Intel won’t be shipping it’s Knights Corner accelerators for a while, CAPS announced that it will support Intel MIC in its directive-based HMPP compiler. CAPS will also support OpenMP offload extensions that will offer a standard to fully support Intel MIC as well as other devices.