Nvidia Contest: Name the Project – Cuda on ARM Development Kit

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Nvidia is looking for a good name for the Cuda on ARM Development Kit.

Recently announced at the SuperComputing 2011 conference in Seattle, Wash., the CUDA on ARM development kit will enable programmers to easily write code for the next generation of powerful, energy efficient supercomputers. Fitting, as this same hardware – powered by the ARM-based NVIDIA Tegra 3 mobile processor and a discrete NVIDIA CUDA GPU – is being used in theBarcelona Supercomputing Center’s world’s first ARM-based supercomputer.

The winner will get a development kit for a prize. After watching the Grimm episode the other night about the killer bees, I suggested the name SWARM. Hey, this thing is all about economies of scale, right? Since I don’t code, I’d rather have them send me Cuban cigars and beer, though.

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