OSC Powers Better Turbine Simulations

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Turbines power our world–pumps, fans, compressors,and other machines that transfer energy between a rotor and a fluid. To help make better designs, engineers must understand the physics of very complex air-flow fields produced within multiple stages of constantly rotating rotors and stators.

Enter the research team at the Ohio Supercomputer Center lead by Dr. Jen-Ping Chen. The team is working to improve the CFD software that engineers use to simulate and evaluate the operation of turbomachinery. Chen was the chief architect of that type of computer code, appropriately named TURBO, which he developed earlier for NASA.

The world is demanding increasingly cleaner, more efficient and reliable power systems,” noted Ashok Krishnamurthy, interim co-executive director of OSC. “Therefore, it is essential that experts like Dr. Chen find innovative ways to improve the tools the engineers need to accomplish that goal, and we at OSC are proud to be able to provide the computational resources that make that effort successful.”

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