PGI CUDA-x86 C/C++ Compiler Coming in January

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This week the Portland Group announced that a performance-optimized PGI CUDA C/C++ compiler for multi-core x86 platforms will ship with its PGI 2012 release due out in January 2012. The company described the release of CUDA-x86 as a key to making the x86+GPU architecture an integrated parallel platform.

CUDA-x86 is another key milepost in PGI’s roadmap for comprehensive support of programming of heterogeneous CPU+GPU systems,” stated Douglas Miles, director, The Portland Group. “Directive-based GPU programming with the PGI Accelerator compilers makes it extremely easy to get started programming GPUs. CUDA extensions allow programmers to write explicit parallel algorithms that are inherently massively scalable, and to dive as deep as they want to go to optimize for a specific platform. We expect both approaches to be critically important as accelerator-based systems become more and more pervasive.”

Originally announced at the 2010 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, PGI’s CUDA-x86 extends CUDA beyond the GPU into a system-wide programming model. Read the Full Story.