RSC Super is Greenest in Russia

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This week the Russian supercomputer vendor RSC Group announced that their liquid-cooled x86 system installed at South Ural State University is the most energy efficient Russian HPC system according to the Green500 list published in November 2011. The system took the 109th position in the rating. Currently there are only five Russian supercomputers in Green500, their number decreased more than twice compared to the previous edition of the rating.

We are happy that the most powerful supercomputing system built by RSC by this time is a de facto the most energy efficient HPC system in Russia and CIS, as shown in the new edition of Green500 rating. Undoubtedly, our energy efficient RSC Tornado architecture with liquid cooling for widely available standard server boards made a great contribution in this success. Most computing nodes of SKIF Aurora SUSU are based on this architecture”, said Alexey Shmelev, Chief Operating officer at RCS Group.

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