Programming all those GPUs – Exascale Report Community Weighs in on Blue Waters, Titan

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The Exascale Report has shared with us their Community Responds column in which readers discuss challenges of extreme scale in today’s systems. The participants are a who’s who of HPC thought leaders, so the article is well-worth a look.

Question from NAG’s Andrew Jones: What should be done about the applications that won’t be able to exploit thousands of GPUs together in a single simulation, for example because of algorithm limitations or legacy coding issues? Will the community be supported to develop and implement new algorithms for those codes? Or will it be acceptable for those codes to use large numbers of nodes but leave the GPUs idle? Blue Waters had a significant planning and preparation effort with the applications development community — what are the plans in this respect for Titan?

Download the PDF. If your IT Crowd blocks Dropbox, you can download from this Google page.