Cray XE6m Midrange System Weighs in at $31K per Teraflop

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While affordable Petascale computing may be a ways off, this week Cray rolled out the Cray XE6m system, a midrange supercomputer that brings the hyperscale technologies being deployed at BlueWaters and Titan down to the rack level. With six blades and 48 sockets using the new Opteron 6200s, the Cray XE6m starts at $200K, or approximately $30,769 per teraflops.

Building on the reliability and scalability of the Cray XE6 supercomputer and using the same proven petascale technologies, the Cray XE6m system is optimized to support scalable application workloads in the midrange high performance computing (HPC) market, where applications require between 700 and 13,000 cores of processing power.

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