Hermit Fires Up as Fastest Civil Supercomputer in Europe

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This week Stuttgart’s Center for High Performance Computing (HLRS) held an inauguration ceremony for Hermit, the fastest supercomputer in Germany. With over 1 Petaflop of performance, this “industrial supercomputer” will be also used for health, energy, environment and mobility research.

Supercomputers like Hermit contribute to strengthening Germany’s position as a research pole. Computer simulations have evolved to be the third pillar of science, together with theory and experimentation. Many research areas can no longer do without it; a good example being health, energy, environment protection, and mobility. Those are themes which the federal government supports inside the high-tech strategy,” says, Prof. Dr. Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of Education and Research. “Great computer resources have also become an important means for the industry for the ability of shortening development time. With the commissioning of the supercomputer Hermit in Stuttgart, we continue the expansion of the national high performance computing centre, the ‘Gauss Centre for Supercomputing’, which is already a big success. Germany will maintain a leading position in supercomputing and become more attractive to excellent scientists from all over the world.“

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