Podcast: Swift Engineering Moves Beyond the Wind Tunnel with Cray and Platform

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In this podcast, John Winkler, Chief Aerodynamicist at Swift Engineering describes how the company is using HPC to bring Formula Nippon cars and jet planes to market. Using a Cray CX1000 supercomputer managed by Platform HPC software, the company was able to switch fully to computational fluid dynamics modeling and de-commission its wind tunnel.

Prior to deploying Platform HPC, Swift relied solely on an in-house, two-workstation solution. With Cray and Platform support services and the ease-of-use delivered by the Platform HPC management interface, Swift was able to transition to a full-scale HPC cluster within one week. Swift engineers can now evaluate concepts within hours instead of days and make design changes in real time. Moving forward, Platform HPC will be used to manage crash simulation, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and CFD jobs so that Swift can run more complex workflows for multiple vehicles.

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