OpenFabrics Workshop to Focus on HPC, Big Data, and the Cloud

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This week OFA announced that the 2012 OpenFabrics Alliance User and Developer Workshop will focus on optimization and expansion in big data and cloud computing. The workshop will take place March 25-28 in Monterey.

The OFA User and Developer Workshop allows OFED users, from CIO’s, senior data center architects to mainstream network administrators, to gather in one room to share their experiences using OFED and ask how RDMA and OFED can help them achieve their business goals,” said Chris Calandro, chair of the OpenFabrics Alliance User and Developer Workshop. “This year, we’ve designed the agenda to allow for more free-flowing discussions with panels led by leading architects, developers, technologists and end users from various vertical and horizontal markets to speak openly about their experiences and lessons learned using RDMA and OFED.”

The OpenFabrics Alliance is a community that develops and supports the OFED open sourced networking software stack for HPC clusters and mainstream server cloud data centers. Companies and organizations presenting at the workshop include AMD, Chelsio, Cray, EMC, Fusion I/O, HP, Intel, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Mellanox, Microsoft, Myricom, NVIDIA, NASA, Ohio State University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), QLogic, Sandia, Software Forge, OCZ and VMware. Register now.