Video: Josh Simons from VMware on Virtualization for HPC and Big Data

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In this video, William Wallace from insideHPC interviews VMware’s Josh Simons on the topics of virtualization and RDMA, high performance computing, and Big Data. Recorded at the Open Fabrics Workshop on March 26, 2012 in Monterey, CA.

Josh has also posted some interesting notes on his presentation on RDMA at the Workshop:

In my introduction, I showed a few graphs from our upcoming paper, RDMA Performance in Virtual Machines using QDR InfiniBand on VMware vSphere 5 that showed we can use passthrough mode (VM DirectPath I/O) to deliver 1.75us half ping-pong latencies for Send and 3us for RDMA Read using polling completions and 7.6us using interrpt completions for RDMA Read.