Cycle Computing Spins up 50K Cores on AWS for Viral Research

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Jason Stowe and the crew from Cycle Computing has upped the Ante once again this week with the announcement that company successfully provisioned a 50,000-core utility supercomputer in the AWS cloud for Schrödinger and Nimbus Discovery.

We ran Naga across each of the 7 regions that AWS currently supports, scaling-out all supporting systems of a cluster (scheduling, software configuration, etc.) so we could use idle capacity wherever we found it. However, the magic really happened when we layered CycleServer on top of Naga and allowed our revolutionary new job submission algorithm to intelligently dole out work to each region based on real-time measurements from that region. Using this architecture, we had built ourselves a secured, automated 50,000 core supercomputer in under two hours using AWS infrastructure.

Read about how they did it at the Cycle Computing Blog.