Scalable Informatics Launches siFlash SSD and Flash Array Systems

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Today Scalable Informatics announced performance enhancements to their popular siFlash flash-based storage systems with support for GlusterFS and Lustre.

“Scalable Informatics is very excited about this product update.” said Dr. Joseph Landman, CEO of Scalable Informatics. “Our siFlash product, already one of the fastest sustained performance flash- and SSD-based storage arrays in market, has been accelerated even further by leveraging the high performance Deneva 2 SSDs from OCZ, and the new E5 series processors from Intel. These updates enable siFlash customers to significantly increase performance and storage density, and to do so cost-effectively. With best-of-breed performance, scalability, and reliability, siFlash doesn’t just hit the mark, it blows it away.”

Scalable is offering siFlash-SSD units with up to 48x 2.5 inch SSD drives, and measured, sustained performance of 7+ GB/s streaming, 330k IOPS, with up to 46TB raw storage in 4U of rack space. siFlash units utilizing the new OCZ PCIe flash cards are configurable up to 75TB raw capacity in a 4U rack space, with sustained performance exceeding 10GB/s on streaming workloads and well more than 1M IOPS.

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