The Rise of Object-based File Systems for HPC

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Comparing various aspects of Lustre and PanFS, Anil Patrick R from TechTarget India looks at objects-based file systems as the basis for Exascale supercomputers.

PanFS does compete with Lustre in the research and university HPC arenas, but Panasas seems to have its crosshairs on public sector and commercial applications. “Our approach is to take object-storage architecture into areas that use the product to solve common problems in design and discovery, as well as place a value on manageability, high availability and reliability features—not just on performance,” said Welch. “This allows us to easily support demanding big data applications in the bioscience, energy, government, finance and manufacturing as well as other core research and development sectors.” Panasas has partnerships with major clustered compute solution vendors such as Dell, HP and SGI for PanFS.

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