Video: Greg Papadopoulos on How to Build Your Own Exascale Computer

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In this video, Greg Papadopoulos from New Enterprise Associates presents: How to Design and Build Your Very Own Exascale Computer

A computer of any real size today is built around from thousands of individual servers, storage arrays and network switches. Mostly, the construction of these systems are left as an Exercise for the User, but that’s changing rapidly. Patterns around compute-storage-network virtualization are emerging, and are apt to coalesce, finally, into some coherent view of a interconnect-centered system. Optics will play both a defining and enabling role in this “re-integration,” and by 2020 it’s likely that any competitive large-scale system will crucially depend upon optical interconnects all the way to the processing chips themselves. In this talk, Greg Papadopoulos will look at the forces that have shaped the way we build very large systems today, and speculate about the future history exascale computers and the industry that creates them.

Recorded at the OFC/NFOEC 2012 Plenary Session in Los Angeles on March 8, 2012. Download the slides (PDF).