Yabi Brings Drag-and-drop to Supercomputers

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An open source project named Yabi from Western Australia’s Murdoch University aims to make using supercomputers simpler.

Why Yabi? While learning Perl or some other scripting language is often the norm for life scientists, it can require a significant investment of time to get up to speed and make a supercomputer do what a scientist wants.

When we started down this particular path of building Yabi, we wanted to simplify access to supercomputing infrastructure for end users. And the end users typically are non-IT-proficient; consider life science researchers or geoscientists,” Professor Bellgard says. “While some of them have the ability to write scripts and use programming languages a lot would prefer to be able to just drag and drop and have access to tools that you could access via the command line, but in a web-based environment. “So I guess our first remit was, ‘Can we simplify access to high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure?'”

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