6 Things You Might Not Know about Intel’s Acquisition of Whamcloud

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While well-received by OpenSFS and other members of the Lustre community, Intel’s recent acquisition of Whamcloud came and went without a lot of details from the chip giant. To learn more about what this move means for HPC, I caught up with Intel’s Boyd Davis and Whamcloud’s former CEO, Brent Gorda.

Six Things You Might Not Know about Intel’s Acquisition of Whamcloud

  1. Gorda and the Whamcloud team will be working for Intel’s new High Performance Data Division. Gorda has taken a new position as General Manager of HPDD at Intel
  2. Intel has no immediate plans to change Whamcloud’s Lustre roadmap or Chroma management software development.
  3. 100 percent of Whamcloud employees have accepted positions with Intel.
  4. Whamcloud’s recently-won FastForward contract will continue under Intel.
  5. One of the primary reasons Intel acquired Whamcloud is that performance requirements for Exascale computing will far-exceed what can be delivered by Moore’s Law and filesystem innovation will be critical to reaching those goals.
  6. Intel also sees an opportunity to bring Lustre technology into the Cloud. To bring this in alignment, the Gorda’s High Performance Data Division will be part of the new Datacenter Software Division lead by Boyd Davis.