Samsung Wins Bid for Energy-efficient Memory for SuperMUC

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This week Samsung Electronics announced that it is now the sole supplier of low-power memory interface technology for the Leibniz Supercomputing Center, which hosts SuperMUC, the most powerful supercomputer in Europe.

The company said that it has won the order to produce 30 nm, 4-gigabyte DDR3 SDRAM) modules, applying the green memory in advanced computing systems. The supercomputer, which will be equipped with Samsung’s DDR3, is now Europe’s No.1 high-speed supercomputer, formed by 150,000 cores and 80,000 4-gigabyte DDR3 server memory modules.


In this video, Peyman Blumstengel from Samsung describes the reasons why the fabrication process used by your system memory vendor really matters for HPC clusters in terms of energy efficiency, performance, and sustainability.

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