Video: Intel Xeon Phi to Provide Easy Access to Parallelism

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In this video, James Reinders from Intel describes the company’s pending Xeon Phi co-processors and how they provide programmers with easy access to parallelism while preserving compatibility.

Last November, we demonstrated our first silicon of the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor, code named “Knights Corner”. It produced an astounding teraflop of performance in a processor the size of your thumb, setting the industry on notice of the potential of many core architectures and providing a clear path of how we’ll get to the Petascale and Exascale era. This is the same amount of performance as the number 1 supercomputer on the TOP500 list in 1997, dubbed ASCI Red. ASCI Red used thousands of processors and filled a room with cabinets to produce the same amount of performance. Knights Corner quickly got the nickname of “Supercomputer on a Chip”.

Recorded at ISC’12 in Hamburg.