Video: Kepler K20 Powers Interactive CFD on Latest Nvidia Maximus Platform

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In this video, Scott Mocha from RTT USA demonstrates interactive CFD using RTT DeltaGen and FluidDyna running on Nvidia Maximus platform based on Kepler. Mocha shows how flow simulation computing can be carried out during the production and design process, enabling decisions based on the analysis of industrial design and aerodynamic features.

With this second generation of Maximus, compute work is assigned to run on the new NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU computing accelerator, freeing up the new NVIDIA Quadro K5000 GPU to handle graphics functions. Maximus unified technology transparently and automatically assigns visualization and simulation or rendering work to the right processor.

Designed for double-precision HPC applications, the K20 GPU will reportedly be available starting in December 2012 for $3,199 MSRP USD. Read the Full Story or check out this Maximus presentation video from SIGGRAPH 2012.