Solaris Reunion and ZFS Day Coming to San Francisco Oct. 1-2

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The good folks at illumos and Joyent will sponsor the 2nd Annual Solaris Family Reunion on Monday, Oct 1st at 7:00 pm in San Francisco.

The illumos project is the open source fork of Sun’s OpenSolaris. Launched in 2010, the project enjoys financial and technical support from several key companies which rely on the illumos kernel as the technological foundation for their own products, as well as the backing of a growing developer community.

Along with the reunion festivities, the group will also host a ZFS Day on Oct. 2.

The first ever ZFS conference will cover all aspects of using ZFS in production. You can find ZFS in the most demanding environments, from video servers to cloud platforms to databases to NFS servers to HPC. Come learn about what makes ZFS a great storage system for these and other applications.

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