Exascale Report: What’s at stake for HPC in the U.S. Presidential Election?

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Over at The Exascale Report, Mike Bernhardt writes that supercomputing has a lot at stake with the 2012 U.S. Presidential election.

Politicians on both sides of the fence say they support HPC, but it appears to be nothing more than lip service. We are just not seeing the commitment to the kind of long term strategy needed to drive exascale – or for that matter, even advanced HPC research. We are all at the mercy of what the hardware vendors can build – what they believe will drive product sales in the near term. HPC innovation and exascale development require strong, unified Federal funding, and this goes hand in hand with economic recovery. And, without adequate funding and a strong commitment to technology leadership, I fear the U.S. may not even finish in this world-changing race.”

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