NASA Ames: Combining Quick-turnaround and Batch Workloads at Scale

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In this video, Greg Matthews, Deputy PBS Administrator at NASA presents: Combining Quick-turnaround and Batch Workloads at Scale.

NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) uses PBS Professional to schedule and manage the workload on Pleiades, an 11,000+ node IB cluster. At this scale the user experience for quick-turnaround jobs candegrade, which led NAS initially to set up two separate PBS servers, each dedicated to a particular workload. Recently we have employed PBS hooks andscheduler modifications to merge these workloads together under one PBS server, delivering sub-1-minute start times for the quick-turnaround workload, and enabling dynamic management of the resources set aside for that workload.”

Recorded at the PBS Works User Group meeting in San Jose on Oct. 3, 2012.