Nvidia to Host Free Developer Sessions at SC12

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Nvidia will be hosting a set of free developer sessions at SC12 in Salt Lake City.

  • Getting Started with CUDA on Monday, November 12, 2pm – 3:30pm.
    • Massively parallel NVIDIA GPUs provide the bulk of the computing power behind many of the World’s top supercomputers. This talk will start with the basic architecture of the GPU and introduce the CUDA parallel computing platform. The basic principles of massively parallel computing will be introduced using simple source code examples of CUDA C and C++. Learn about the latest software and tools, from where to download and install, to how to get started writing your own parallel code in Linux, Mac or Windows environments. Register now.


  • Accelerating Your Applications with the Kepler Architecture on Monday, November 12, 4pm – 6pm.
    • The recently introduced Kepler architecture offers a wealth of new features to assist programmers developing applications on the GPU and help them achieve unprecedented performance. While many of these features are leveraged transparently by the NVCC compiler and the CUDA software tool chain, programmers can support these tools by targeting the Kepler architecture with their software design. The goal of this presentation is to provide CUDA developers with an understanding of the key concepts of the Kepler architecture and demonstrate how they can be used in real world applications. After a review of the Kepler architecture and a brief introduction of general GPU optimization strategies, we will present an in-depth look at Kepler features targeting both coarse-grain and fine-grain parallelism, including dynamic parallelism, Hyper-Q, warp shuffle and more. This will provide CUDA developers with the necessary background to make the optimal design choices for Kepler. Register now.