Asetek Showcses RackCDU Liquid Cooled 48U HPC Cluster at SC12

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Asetek is showcasing a remarkable new liquid-cooled HPC cluster at SC12 with extreme power efficiency, performance and density. In a standard rack, the system packs in 23 2U 4-node Intel H2216WPJR servers, each with dual Xeon E5 2690 CPUs providing.

Under load, the fully populated rack consumes 37kW of power that is converted into heat. It would be impossible to run at these densities using traditional server air cooling and room air conditioning. It would require another 22kW of power just to keep it cool (Industry Average PUE 1.8/pPUE1.6). In the showcase cluster, all CPU and memory heat, (85% of the total server heat generated) is cooled by Asetek’s warm water liquid cooling RackCDU system. As the servers are cooled by warm water, no power goes into actively chilling the liquid. This means that 85% of all server generated heat is cooled by free ambient air.

Formal presentations and live demonstrations will be available at Asetek’s booth #4045. Read the Full Story.