SGI Offers Kepler Accelerators Across All Server Lines

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This week SGI announced the availability of Nvidia K20 family of GPU accelerators in fully managed and integrated solutions across its entire server product line. Completely integrated and tested in SGI’s manufacturing facility, the solutions include SGI(R) Management Center software and options like Performance Suite and SGI InfiniteStorage to make customers productive in just hours not weeks.

Nvidia has been the clear market leader in delivering massive core count with a software stack that makes customers productive,” said Bill Mannel, vice president Product Marketing at SGI. “Delivering accelerator-based HPC solutions at scale requires expertise to realize the promise. With experience in accelerators stretching back several decades and close ties with the innovators of this technology, SGI provides the expertise customers need to take full advantage of this next generation of GPU accelerators.”

Swing by the SGI booth #2631 at SC12 or Read the Full Story.