Solarflare Rolls Out University Program for ApplicationOnLoad Engine

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This week Solarflare, the leader in application-intelligent 10GbE networking software and hardware, announced the launch of its Solarflare University Program for the Solarflare ApplicationOnLoad™ Engine (AOE). Providing access to the AOE hardware and development kits at a substantial educational discount allows the Solarflare University Program to offer FPGA-based products for classroom instruction in computer science and computer engineering and helps to pioneer advances in Customized Compute. Solarflare also announced the Innovation Awards to encourage and reward research, innovation, and application development in the field of Customized Compute.

The Solarflare University Program and the Innovation Awards are examples of how private industry and universities can work together to better educate our students about new technologies and equip them with the latest tools and knowledge,” said Melissa Smith, assistant professor, Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clemson University. “The Future Computing Technology Laboratory at Clemson University is dedicated to research in reconfigurable computing and providing our researchers and students with an advanced computing infrastructure [and] we look forward to working with Solarflare and being a part of the University Program.”

Come by the Solarflare booth #3754 at SC12. Read the Full Story.