Interview: Miron Livny on How Bosco Software Enables Researchers to “Submit Locally, Run Globally”

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Sun Alum Miha Ahronovitz has posted an interesting interview with Miron Livny from the University of Wisconsin on the topic of BOSCO, an open source software package that enables researchers to distribute jobs using a single script to multiple clusters.

Bosco can help us by spreading the practical incarnation of the “Submit Locally, Run Globally” concept in HTC. If you submit say to SGE (Sun Grid Engine on one its many flavors), PBS, LSF clusters, you can get in, but you can not get out to another cluster. You are stuck with SGE or PBS or LSF When you are submitting to Bosco, you can go everywhere. And that’s the concept: Bosco helps a lot the researcher to build bridges to different on and off campus resources and thus help improve throughput. Regardless of the software that manages these remote resources, Bosco should get your jobs there and bring back the results!

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